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Kamal Education Complex’ was dreamed up in the year 2009 as a conscious obligation towards the social uplift of society by Dr. Mustafa Kamal Joiya (Late). To materialize this dream eminent Dr. Faizan Kamal Joiya and Dr. Imran Kamal Joiya joined him. The idea was to build a Kamal Hospital & Mustafa Kamal Institute with the realization of the need for quality medical care and educational facilities for socially and economically deprived people of Vehari and its outskirts. Kamal Hospital came into existence in 2005 as a community hospital.

The accomplishment of Mustafa Kamal Institute of Nursing & Medical Sciences its ongoing evolution is primarily due to the group effort of highly experienced professionals who joined hands with the Administrator, Administrator in continuation of their endeavor to serve the community. 2009: Kamal Hospital 2010: RSSM Foundation Trust 2010: Kamal Diagnostic Centre 2020: Kamal Education Complex 2020: Establishment of Mustafa Kamal Institute 2020: Mustafa Kamal Institute of Nursing & Medical Sciences 2021: KIMS Nursing & Medical Sciences

Dr. Imran Kamal Joiya
Chairman, Board of Governor
Mustafa Kamal Institute
Kamal Hospital


Education is one of the most important facets of human evolution. It steers one from darkness to radiance. Kamal Hospital is constantly striving to broaden its facilities to a full fledge academic institution with diverse educational programmes under the Triangle of Mustafa Kamal Institute. The aim is to produce health care professionals who are prepared to assume responsibilities in the primary, secondary and tertiary care of the people, in rural and urban areas as doctors, nurses & allied health professionals. With rapid advances in medical technology, changing pattern of diseases, increase in life expectancy, need for geriatric care, and rise in public awareness, there is unprecedented demand for competent and superbly trained nurses, thus making them the backbone of healthcare system. For the last decade Mustafa Kamal Institute, one of the best nursing colleges in Pakistan, continues to develop innovative programme in nursing education and patient care, to the international standards. Undoubtedly Allied Health professionals play a vital role in the overall ambit of health care system. For the past few years there has been a paradigm shift among students opting for professional courses at under-graduate level with an ever increasing numbers opting for Allied Health Sciences. Establishment of Mustafa Kamal Institute of Nursing & Medical Sciences is yet another endeavor by the Mustafa Kamal Institute to contribute towards this essential element of health care. In the end let me reiterate; the source of our passion is our mission, which is centered on education, research, and compassionate health care service. We are proud of our work. I wish you all the very best in your pursuit of educational goals.


Mustafa Kamal Institute of Nursing & Medical Sciences is making its best endeavors to ensure access to such education through Mustafa Kamal Institute (KIMS). As aspirant Nurses, you have the honor of studying at our premier institution; ones that rightly command an enviable academic reputation. As you go through this catalogue, you’ll see how you can tailor your educational experience here with a multifaceted, inter-disciplinary curriculum that immediately integrates clinical experience and community service; numerous optional electives; and an array of extra-curricular activities, all offering flexibility to match your personal interests and goals. We strive for evolution of health care by applying new and diverse strategies that create skilled, culturally competent health care professionals who place an emphasis on prevention, wellness, and cost-effective treatments. We also try to instill a passion for the lifelong process of reinventing yourself and aim to inculcate the values we hold dear. I am also confident that during your stay at KIMS, you will find yourself immersed in a professional environment that will challenge and inspire you, you will make friendships strong enough to last you a lifetime; gain skill sets that will help build your goals; and take along unforgettable experiences and memories. I welcome you all to Mustafa Kamal Institute of Nursing & Medical Sciences Vehari

Dr. Faizan Kamal Joiya
CEO Mustafa Kamal Institute
Founder of Kamal Diagnostic Center


The Hospital is equipped with 11 most modern theaters to of Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, provide surgical facilities to patients undergoing surgery, Pediatrics, Orthopaedics, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), gynecological procedures and cases of trauma. Almost Anaesthesia and Ophthalmology etc. all types of diagnostic, elective and emergency surgical Faculty members and trainees regularly enhance their procedures are performed. teaching and learning skills by attending various seminars,


Kamal Hospital was founded in 2009, built by generous contributions of its founders Dr. Raheem Baksh Joiya Late, Dr. Mustafa Kamal Joiya Late. The main objective of the founders was to establish a not-for-profit hospital, which would provide health care services to patients from all income groups, especially to the lower and middle social classes. The Board of Governors have been putting all their efforts in this joint endeavor to bring it apart with international standards in the health care sector. The Hospital is located in the 1-km Hasilpur Road Near Suzuki Showroom Vehari, the cosmopolitan capital of the Province of Punjab. The Hospital is easily accessible to patients from other cities. Today, it is a modern well-equipped 50-bed hospital. The Hospital places great emphasis on quality care, providing a comfortable, infection free environment and a range of clinical services that are tailored to meet the needs of individual patients. The Hospital provides high quality multi disciplinary services including Neurology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, and Urology, Oregano etc. As well as diagnostic and therapeutic services along with the community based outreach programmes. OUTPATIENT DEPARTMENT (OPD) The Outpatient Department (OPD) provides ambulatory care to over 60128 patients per annum in walk-in and private clinics. The number of patients coming for consultation and diagnosis makes it one of the busiest hospitals amongst the private sector health care institutes. The outreach programme (ORP) caters to the needs of people living in the outskirts of Vehari.


The Mustafa Kamal Institute inducted its first batch of freshmen College provides a wireless aura of computer & internet connectivity within in the year 2021. The college has a purpose built campus having the most the campus. All the academic & non -academic facilities viz; lecture theaters, modern & contemporary building designs. Mustafa Kamal Institute classrooms, laboratories, library, administrative structure & extra-curricular College has been serving as a beacon for medical education in South Punjab Specially Vehari for activities are up to the international standards. The college is registered by the last year. Affiliation with PNC & IUB, Mustafa Kamal Institute catering to 275 students. The building provides all the necessary spaces is amongst few Medical & Nursing Colleges with dedicated hospital. Kamal Hospital required to ensure an ideal learning environment with lecture theaters, for coordinated & prompt hands on clinical training of the students. laboratories, library, museum, auditorium and cafeteria. The college may be very young, but its performance so far portrays a apart from providing audio-visual aid for educational purposes. The building bright future for its students, as they are being trained by competent health also provides physical and mental comfort through controlled temperature care professionals. These subject specialist have extensive experience in the field of education and are some of the best in their respective subjects.


Nursing & Medical Sciences

The accomplishment of Mustafa Kamal Institute of Nursing & Medical Sciences and its ongoing evolution is primarily due to the group effort of highly experienced professionals who joined hands with the administrator in continuation of their endeavor to serve the community. Since the very commencement of KIMS, Commitment to create skilled workforce for the welfare of community in the field of health has been the aim. Today, by the Grace of Allah Almighty, and with the establishment of the Mustafa Kamal Institute of Nursing & Medical Sciences; KIMS has achieved another milestone to provide proficient health professionals to the community. It is located within the KIMS complex South Punjab Vehari. KIMS is affiliated with Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB)


“You don’t build a house without its FOUNDATION you don’t build a hospital unique health service system which aims at providing care to the individuals without its NURSES”
Mustafa Kamal Institute was established in 2020 with a vision to produce in various conditions. Nursing course is so designed that the nurses may competent nurses. The role of the nurse as a member of health-care team be skilled not only in bedside care but also understand the principles. The doctor makes the diagnosis and prescribes drugs but the promotion of health care, prevention, rehabilitation of disease. There is a total care of the patient has to be managed by the nurse. Consequently, world-wide shortage of professional nurses. The degree programs offered great opportunity & responsibility for Nurses. Nursing care is generally viewed as a lead to professional nursing registration.

Mr. Mehdi Hayat Khan
Principal, KIMS


It is with great pleasure and pride that I pen the following message in conjunction with the launching of another new chapter in the illustrious journey of Mustafa Kamal Institute. Since its advent, Nursing, as a profession, has always been regarded as noble in not only its mission and practices but also in instilling in its practitioners a great sense of duty and commitment to their fellow human beings. we have amply demonstrated our readiness and willingness to bring out the best in the students who have passed through our gates. Over the last years, Mustafa Kamal Institute has registered a phenomenal improvement in the quality of students admitted to pursue our nursing courses, both at diploma and degree levels. At the same time we have also made great strides in not only upgrading and increasing the facilities to enhance nursing education, but we have at the same time left no stone unturned in our efforts to revise our curricula and the relevant course content from time to time to keep abreast with the developments in nursing education and practice. No endeavor in the field of education is complete if due attention is not paid to the quality of our lecturers and instructors. In this regard it must be acknowledged that Mustafa Kamal Institute playing an immense role and efforts to attract and retain the best possible brains to help the college reach new heights. This effort will continue. In the light of these achievements, our efforts to achieve world class standards in nursing education and nursing care will no longer remain an elusive dream. It is noteworthy that efforts to integrate and incorporate the latest trends in education and research in the field is not only of ground breaking significance, but is also laudable because it holds immense potential for the future. In fact it is quite true to say that research together with the integration of theory and technology will be the trend in the future. Let us therefore pool our resources together to realize this goal.

I would be pleased to welcome you to Mustafa Kamal Institute, We would be delighted to involve the students in education to foster their values.